Cyber security that understands you

Darktrace/Zero Trust

Darktrace/Zero Trust complements and enhances zero trust postures by identifying, disarming, and investigating unpredictable cyber-threats that get through, even if they operate over legitimate paths.

Darktrace Self-Learning AI analyzes loads of data points for every laptop, desktop, server, user, phone, and tablet to ask:

Is this normal?

Darktrace/Zero trust's Solution
Suspicious connectivity through Zscaler ZIA?
Block specific unusual connections
Unusual login activity via Okta?
Revoke the user's session
Suspicious remote access to internal devices via Jumpcloud?
Alert the security team
Privilege escalation?
Suspend the account
Suspicious activity?
Investigate automatically
Remote workforce routed through cloud VPNs?
Restore your visibility
A complementary approach
Validates and informs zero trust policies
Darktrace/Zero Trust validates your organization’s zero trust policies and informs future decision-making with always-on, real-time visibility into every system and asset.
Zero trust ⭤ Enterprise
Brings wider insights into zero trust framework
Your zero trust policies are only as strong as your knowledge of the organization’s ever-changing digital ecosystem. Darktrace/Zero Trust applies continuous learning that delineates normal and abnormal patterns across the corporate network, email, cloud, and collaboration platforms, as well as remote endpoints.
Beyond zero trust
Targeted action against threats that slip through
Even the best zero trust policies won’t always work to prevent unpredictable and unknown threats. That’s why you’ll want to have Darktrace/Zero Trust deployed alongside your zero trust architecture. Darktrace AI continuously detects and disarms threats that inevitably evade zero trust policies.
AI analyst
Understand what happened, instantly
Cyber AI Analyst continuously probes and queries suspicious patterns, even after validation of trusted accounts, workloads, devices, and networks.
Scales to
large and small,
in any industry
Darktrace/Zero Trust is deployed in some of the world’s largest and most complex digital environments, containing hundreds of thousands of devices.
Built for SMB, Enterprise, Government, and Critical Infrastructure.
Integrates into your workflow including SIEMs, SOARs, and access via SSO.

Integrates with existing tools

Darktrace interoperates with zero trust technologies via native integrations, while validating zero trust policies and informing future micro-segmentation efforts based on real-time visibility across the entire organization.
Explore /Zero Trust integrations

data from across
your digital estate

Darktrace builds a complete picture of your organization everywhere you have people and data, learning and hardening the security posture across the entire digital ecosystem.

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