Complete Email Protection

Protect Your Inbox
from phishing, supply chain attacks, BEC, and more
Secure Your User Accounts
with account takeover protection
Prevent Accidental Data Loss
due to misdirected recipients
A Self-Learning Approach for Novel Threats
Spotting targeted or unknown threats requires an understanding of ’normal’ . Darktrace/Email offers protection against present and future attacks which isn’t limited to historical attack rules and data. As attacks evolve, so will your security.
Darktrace with Attack Types

360° understanding of  the user

A full understanding of the user needs to go beyond just email, into the full range of SaaS applications, as well as the device on the network.

Targeted Action...

Darktrace/Email understands behavioral context and responds proportionately to stop threats while repairing or allowing unusual but safe emails.

...and Direct Messaging to the End User

In marginal cases, Darktrace/Email will neutralize only the threatening components of the email, and explain to users what it has done and why in a digest

with Employee Input Feeding Back into AI

Over time, Darktrace/Email gradually factors employee feedback into its decision-making, improving productivity and security

Reduce Non-Productive Mail

Employees waste time everyday triaging inboxes filled with unwanted cold calls, spam, and newsletters. In just one month, Darktrace detected 104,883 non-productive emails at a 6,000-person company. Reduce inbox clutter and boost productivity with Darktrace/Email.

Prevent Email Mishaps

Understanding 'normal' for every user means knowing when they've emailed someone they might not have intended. Prevent accidental data loss with an on-send prompt confirming suspicious file transfers with the sender
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Interact with 

Darktrace/Email understands you to stop novel, targeted threats on first encounter.
Explore Email use cases

Installs in seconds through API

Enable journaling for lightening-fast action
Protects without added operational risk, no MX record changes required
Leverages proven-reliable journaling and/or APIs to integrate quickly
Provides native install with Google, Microsoft 365, and Exchange
Supports multi-tenant and hybrid environments

Productivity, Protected

Darktrace and Microsoft have partnered to help organizations close the security gaps in their multi-cloud and multi-platform environments. Darktrace/Email, hosted on Microsoft Azure, complements Microsoft security with Self-Learning AI that detects and autonomously responds to novel email threats that evade other defenses. Darktrace/Email integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange.
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Simplify workflows. Streamline your SOC

  • Integrate with your SIEM for executive reporting
  • Access insights from anywhere with the Mobile App
  • Easy data exports to Excel or any other data analytics tool

Cyber AI Loop

Darktrace’s four product families each feed back into a continuous, virtuous cycle, constantly strengthening each other’s abilities. Cyber AI Analyst investigates threats throughout the cycle, delivering human-readable reports to keep the human in the loop.

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