Instant visibility. Every attack, including never-before-seen emerging threats.
A bespoke, continuously evolving understanding of your business
Darktrace Self-Learning AI understands what makes you unique - every user, cloud account, desktop, laptop and server. Understanding your organization’s version of normal is the key to detecting everything that’s not.
Always on,
always evolving
Darktrace DETECT analyzes thousands of metrics to reveal subtle deviations that may signal an evolving threat - even unknown techniques and novel malware. It distinguishes between malicious and benign behavior, identifying attacks that typically go unnoticed.
Installs in minutes, learns your business in days
Installs quickly, whether deployed in specific coverage areas like email or across the entire enterprise. Darktrace Self-Learning AI understands your organization’s normal patterns of life in about a week, and grows more bespoke with every passing minute.
Identify threats, avoid disruption
Darktrace DETECT feeds data into Darktrace RESPOND for breakthrough, AI-powered security that disarms threats that could disrupt your operations. Autonomous, instant and designed to augment your security team.

Any industry. Any size. Every organization.

Customers’ Choice for Network Detection and Response

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Not all AI is created equal

Conventional AI typically relies on identifying threats based on historical attack data and reported techniques, requiring data to be cleansed, labelled and moved to a centralized repository.

Darktrace DETECT's Self-Learning AI learns "on the job" from real-world data and constantly evolves its understanding as your environment changes.

Cyber AI Analyst

Darktrace's Cyber AI Analyst investigates every output of Darktrace DETECT to reveal the wider incident, giving you all the details you need in just one click.
Combines human expertise with the speed and scale of AI
AI Analyst is trained on an ever-growing data set of expert cyber analysts. By observing and then replicating their behavior, the technology thinks like a human investigator: asking questions, testing hypotheses, reaching conclusions.
Cuts through the noise
As a result, it can perform the heavy lifting on behalf of human teams, connecting the dots between dozens of singular events and reducing them to a handful of high priority incidents for human review.
Augments your team
AI Analyst reduces triage time by an average of 92%. This allows your security team to spend their time on strategic tasks rather than reactive fire-fighting.
The end result?
AI-generated incident reports that
anyone can understand
From your board, to your newest starter.

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