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Whiskey Tasting Experience

March 23, 2023

You are invited to explore the 2023 Threat Landscape during a Virtual Whiskey Experience, hosted by Darktrace’s Global Head of Incident Management, David Mata, on Thursday, March 23rd, from 4:00-5:00pm CST.

Please join your peers for an exclusive tasting and discussion on how cyber security executives are relying on Darktrace's predictive AI technology to defend their organization's complex digital environments from issues like ransomware, supply chain attacks, and insider threats. Each registrant will receive 3 half bottles of premium-branded whiskeys prior to the tasting.


4:00pm: Arrival & Welcome
4:05pm: Exploring the 2023 Threat Landscape with David Mata
4:20pm: Virtual Wine Experience
5:00pm: Event Concludes

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데이비드 마타
SVP, Global Head of Incident Management
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Whiskey Tasting Experience
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Whiskey Tasting Experience
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